100 Women Downingtown

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the donation work?

Each meeting, 3 charities will present to the group.  Then the members will vote for one.  Majority vote will decide.  Each member will then write a check for $100 directly to that charity.  Electronic donations may also be possible. Members are obligated to make their donation even if they cannot attend the meeting.

Can I participate to “check it out” but not commit right away?

Yes, but only members who commit may vote upon which charity will receive the donation.

I am a member; can I bring a guest?

Yes!  We would love to spread the word.  Guests, however, may not participate in the charity vote.

Can I nominate a charity?

Yes, please refer to our nomination form.  All charities must be registered 501(3)(c) and use most of their resources in the Downingtown and surrounding region.

Do I have to live in Downingtown to join?

No – all are welcome!

How often are the meetings?

Twice per year (February and September)

How does the vote work?

There will be up to 3 nominated charities per meeting presenting.  Members will vote by majority for one of those to receive the total donation. Each member writes a check directly to the chosen charity.

How much is the donation?

Each member commits to $200 per year ($100 per meeting)

What if I cannot make it to a meeting?

You can send your donation with another member, mail it in, or send it electronically to the charity.